If you think you have what it takes to be represented by the area's most selective and prestigious agency, follow the following three steps.


1.  SUBMISSION: The first step is to email recent photos of yourself. The photos do not need to be professional at this stage, but they do need to be recent. Along with the photos, please include your age, height, contact information, any experience you may have, and whether you are interested in modeling or acting. You may submit directly by emailing thegregoryagency@gmail.com or via the Contact Us page.


2.  INTERVIEW:  Once we have your photos and information, we will make sure we don't already represent too many people with a similar look, and that we feel you have a look our clients would respond to. If that looks right, we will contact you to set up an interview so we can be sure The Gregory Agency is the right place for you and your goals.


3.  BOOKING:  If all parties agree that The Gregory Agency is a good fit for you, we will begin representing you to our clients. We are the only agency in Wichita with no sign-up fees and no required classes. When you book a job we get a 20% commission. So, if you don't work, we get nothing. This makes us highly motivated to make sure you work.